Monday, February 28, 2011

Logging In

As we begin to experiment with blogging, we may soon discover that we need "yet another login ID."

Many of us used to Google groups can actually use our Google account ID to log in here. Others may discover other options they understand in the drop-down menu asking for your "profile" before you post a comment.

Currently, you won't find "Yahoo" as an option on this page, but in fact you Yahoo users may already have a profile you can use here. [I just reviewed the login options today.  As of 12/1/15 — and probably long before then — you can also log in with Yahoo directly without Open ID!] In your Yahoo settings, just sign up for "OpenID®." In fact, several different services now support "Open ID®."

The idea behind it is simple (for the user). Once you agree to Open ID®, you are temporarily switched back to your usual email or web provider, e.g., Yahoo, and your identify is verified there and then you are shunted back here and you can post your comment here!

You can check more intelligent and informed details at this web page about OpenID® .

Let us know how it works or what other hints you have for us blogger newbies!

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