Sunday, December 13, 2015


I will be updating this page as I receive information about blogs and Facebook pages from missionaries who choose to share them with me!
Please be patient as I work on this. Thanks!

Blogs of Young Adult Missionaries
Global Mission Fellows International
Didier Monga, Fils de Ngolu, comes from DR Congo and is serving in Côte d'Ivoire with the United Methodist Department to Combat HIV/AIDS in Ivory Coast (DMLS) Advance #3022109
Didier's blog account is (
Alick Mvula comes from Zambia and is serving at Imani House, in Liberia Advance #3022125
Alick’s Facebook page is (Alick-Global-Mission-Fellow-2015-2017)
Alick’s blog account is (
Alick’s Twitter account is (AlickAD49)
Albert Wakili, Youth And Community Worker, Blanchardstown Methodist Church, Dublin, Ireland. (Advance #3022105)
Twitter: (@Wakilialbert)
Albert’s Facebook: Albert Wakil i- Global Mission Fellow
Albert’s motto: UBUNTU: I am because WE are….
Global Mission Fellows US2
2015-2017 class
Emily Kvalheim, South Florida Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), Advance #302206
Emily’s Facebook page is: MissionaryEmily
Emily’s blog is:
Blogs of Global Missionaries aka International Missionaries aka “Word Division” missionary (anachronistic: pre-1996 or “salt-water” missionaries.
Alfred Zigbuo, from the United Methodist Church in Liberia, is serving in the East Congo Episcopal Area office. Support him through Advance #3022037
Alfred's Facebook page is:  Alfred Zigbuo

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